The themes of crêperie St patties. Leonard in Nantes

Always with fresh, local products, a pleasure for your taste buds with our slabs to themes!

  • St LeonardŒuf mirror, Cure Nantais, Andouille Guémené, onions to muscadet8.80
  • VegetarianMushrooms with cream, minced fresh leeks, crushed tomatoes, Zucchini and eggplant emmental8.80
  • Farmer's wifeMinced chicken, fresh leeks sliced, Roquefort, egg8.80
  • Armor Andouille Guémené, Breton sausage, Apples fried nutmeg8.80
  • 3 cheeseŒuf mirror, Cure nantais, warm goat cheese, Roquefort8.80
  • Provencal Warm goat cheese, Ham of Vendée , Egg, crushed tomatoes, Zucchini and eggplant8.80
  • TartiflettePan-fried with onions, Bacon, potatoes au gratin in the Nantes Cure cream, 8.80
  • NordicSmoked salmon, Egg, vegetables of the moment emmental, lemon10.50
  • Pancake breakfastSee display 7.70
  • Small green saladIn accompaniment of a wafer1.00